Change your relationship with food and change your life

Are you ready to take a new approach to food to achieve the goals and the lifestyle you truly want?

I work with motivated people who are ready to change because they are tired of feeling drained by their relationship with food.  They are tired of trying to figure it out, fix it, or do it “right”.

Our food relationships shape our interactions with friends and family, how we spend our money and our free time, and how we engage with colleagues and clients.  Our food relationships impact our health, fitness and energy levels, how we think and feel about ourselves and our bodies, and how we engage in intimate relationships.

This is why when you change your relationship with food, you change your whole life.

As a Food Relationship Coach, my completely customized and nonjudgmental approach works with each client’s specific needs to create a constructive food relationship to achieve their goals and lifestyle.

The coaching I have experienced from Marisa was very transformative.  She was supportive and encouraging yet pushed me to be my best self at the same time.  She coaches with compassion and understanding that allows you to open up and feel comfortable right away.


Sarah K.

I highly recommend Marisa as someone to pinpoint the friction in your life and help you remedy it. I thought I was pretty good at getting to the bottom of things and creating to-do lists, but her outside perspective and training in problem-solving offer a solution far superior to what I can achieve on my own.

Emily J.

Marisa helped me prioritize my goals in life and find ways to achieve them.  I went into it with skepticism as I always do and was met with such kindness and ease that I couldn’t wait for the next week.  Each day after my session I would feel so confident and determined.  Before I knew it, Marisa helped me outline a plan and I was following like nothing else mattered.  I am forever grateful to Marisa and would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Evan F.

Food Relationship Coach Marisa Santangelo

About Marisa

I work with people who are tired of feeling drained and overwhelmed by their relationship with food, tired of trying to figure it out and fix it, tired of the cycles of comparison, self-criticism and shame, and tired of falling short of their goals.

I tried for years to squeeze my body, mind, and spirit into other people’s eating labels and ideals and I understand how vital it is that we fundamentally change our food relationships to achieve the goals and lifestyles that we most want.

My customized and non-judgmental approach is based on the belief that there is no “one-size-fits-all” right way to eat and relate to food.  I work with each client’s beliefs, motivations and habits to achieve their goals and lifestyle.


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